Engagement Tours

The International AIDS Society (IAS), in collaboration with the IAS 2017 Community Engagement Board (CEB) has organized two engagement tours for conference delegates. The tours will take place on Monday 24 July, starting at 6.00 p.m. The meeting point is at the entrance of the conference venue.

Delegates can choose either Tour 1 - Outreach and prevention activities for migrants or Tour 2 - Outreach and prevention activities for LGBT.

Each tour can accommodate up to 20 participants.

Participants will reach the organizations by public transportation; the IAS will cover transportation costs. IAS staff, Community Engagement Board members, and local community members will accompany participants throughout the tours.

The tours are in English.


Tour 1 – Outreach and prevention activities for migrants

Monday 24 July, 18.00 - 20.00 | 20 participants

Afrique Avenir is an association that offers rapid HIV screening tests to migrants. It is located in the North of Paris, in a district frequented by sub-Saharan migrants.

Founded in 1994, Afrique Avenir (Future for Africa) is a forum for exchange and action intended to help people of African origin living in France and Europe. The association provides a facilitation and mediation platform. The main objectives of Afrique Avenir are to:

  • Help mobilize people of African origin living in France and Europe, and encouraging them to assume their responsibilities for a better existence.
  • Initiate actions to promote health, social integration and civic education.
  • Strengthen the understanding of specific cultural dynamics, using strategies that are accepted by target population groups.
  • Develop innovative approaches for the adoption of integration programmes and official health and welfare systems.

Tour 2 – Outreach and prevention activities for LGBT

Monday 24 July, 18.00 - 20.30 | 20 participants

This tour brings participants to two organizations located in the same area of Paris (Le Marais).

  • Le Kiosque  became a free rapid HIV Testing and STI Diagnosis Centre called “Le Checkpoint” in 2016. Located in Le Marais, it provides sexual health services to the LGBT community. Since 1992, Le Kiosque Infos Sida et Toxicomanie has led HIV and STD prevention programmes, and addiction programmes, through various activities including:  
    • The provision of a rapid and medicalized HIV and STI testing spot, which is free and confidential, and offers interviews and counselling services from health professionals.
    • The distribution of publications and brochures on HIV and STI treatment, and drug addiction.
  • Bus on Sexual health, is an offsite activity organized by AIDES. It offers rapid HIV and HCV testing in a neighbourhood with a high number of men who have sex with men. The main objective is to enable people to increase their capacity to make healthy choices (individual and collective) through counselling. The programme aims to reach particularly vulnerable groups and to get in touch with people who may have limited access to care options.

    Set up in 1984 and registered in 1990, AIDES is the most important community-based organization against AIDS and hepatitis in continental France, French Guyana, Martinique, and Guadeloupe – St Martin. Its main aims are to:

    • Support people infected and affected by HIV;
    • Provide information, counseling and prevention tools to the most vulnerable groups and key populations in terms of AIDS;
    • Improve access to HIV testing by performing HIV rapid testing on targeted key populations
    • Defend the rights of HIV affected people and bring their word to the public authorities
    At the international level, AIDES is helping to improve the global care of people living with HIV by sharing their voice with international authorities and supporting local partner associations. AIDES is also a co-founder member of Coalition PLUS.